The Booth

Our booths are hand-made in Houston, TX.

Our booth is designed to be fully automated and very interactive. Start your session with just one tap and follow the on-screen prompts for maximum fun.

With the perfect mix between vintage and modern, our booth fits into any theme you can throw our way. From rustic to elegant, Photobomb is the perfect addition to your entertainment lineup.

Your guests will love the freedom of a wide open booth. There is so much room for activities!

All of our booths are powered by high-quality Canon Dslrs. You and your guests can download all digital files free of charge directly from our site.

We’ve got an arsenal of props to transform your look and enhance your photo booth experience. All props are kept in a super groovy steamer trunk for easy access and fast prop changes.

We provide our very own internet connection via the Verizon network. No matter the venue, you can trust that we’ll have your photos online the very same day of your event.